The company

We are an experienced team of experts who, thanks to many years of experience and innovative solutions in construction, make Austria (focus on Vienna and Lower Austria) a better place to live and work.

Committed to your claim!

In cooperation with our permanent network, consisting of selected experts, we look after the construction projects entrusted to us with dedication and expertise. This enables us to take on both small and large projects.

The TRAGWAND company was founded in June 2016 in the form of a sole proprietorship. Our aim is to be able to offer economical, but also sustainable and innovative solutions for construction projects.

As an experienced Viennese team in the areas of statics, architecture and renovation, we not only bring the necessary know-how, but at the same time high-quality services, individual support and a high degree of flexibility.

If desired, we will accompany your project from brainstorming and planning to turnkey delivery.

Everything from a single source - site assessment, preservation of evidence before construction begins, draft, statics / static calculations / static execution planning, building physics calculations, submission plans, interior design advice, structural concepts, building damage assessments, etc.