The creation of attractive and urban living or working space, combined with the competent planning, management and monitoring of the project.

We are also happy to take on smaller renovation and construction projects as general planners. In this case, project management and planning is entirely ours.

With this, TRAGWAND ("the supporting wall") offers significant relief, sometimes for property managers and your departments responsible for construction management.

  • Submission planning


- create a possible submitting plan- construction display plan for your project tah can be approved, obtain supplements if necessary and act as a representative in administrative proceedings

  • Execution planning 

- generate polishing plans and guiding details for the subsequent execution.

  • Allocation of services 

- draw up service specifications or service descriptions, conduct contract negotiations and take care of any activities that may arise.

  • Site coordination


- take on the function as client representative or project manager in the sense of the Construction Coordination Act and perform the planning coordination.

- act as a bulding consultant, construction supervisor and take care of the organization of construction execution.

  • Accompanying control 

 - Family houses

​- Apartment buildings


- Modifications and additions

- Loft conversions


- Residental and office buildings


- Commercial and industrial buildings


- Special constructions


- Catering trade

A compilation and evaluation of relevant  information about laws, standards, properties and similar is essential even before ideas of a project or before purchase of a real estate or a property. Being esential, that kind of service is done by us with absolute diligence.

We also pay attention to having clear and unambigous wording. In planning and construction management, you are often confronted with complex issues, because precise control of the contractual performance of services is essential.

TOGETHER is the word that we write in capital letters. The joint realization of the project idea with the developer or client is particularly important to TRAGWAND. After all, we are not the ones who will work / live in it or sell it, but our customer.

Good projects start with the right vision!

- Feasibility studies

- Competitions

- Basic determination

- Preliminary draft

- Draft

- Visualizations​

- Digitization of the
   architectural plans

- Open space design