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From a family home to an office building to an urban housing estate TRAGWAND offers innovative solutions for structural concepts in construction.


 x constructive designs    


 x structural concepts    


 x static calculations


 x static implementation plans

 x engineering reports according to

    the Viennese   Building regulations


 x condition assessments

  x preservation of evidence

  x checks according to §127

     of the building regulations for Vienna

  x test statics

  x earthquake measurements

 x construction plans


x stability
x usability
x damage report
x Evidence Preservation Report
x State determinations
x expert opinion on economic

   Demolition maturity

x Execution reviews

x decreases after

   Developer Contract Act BtVG

x Assessments of existing buildings

x checks and reports


Inventory and damage reports

  • Engineering findings  (level 1 to level 3 according to OIB-RL 1) If required, the masonry and floor reports required for the construction project can be taken over

  • Inventory statistics – In the absence of planning documentation,we take care of the verification of the existing object's sustainability


  • Expert reports for component or building damage - We obtain necessary expert reports for age-related damage or planning or execution defects


  • Building's condition report according to WEG §37 (4) – for real estates that are older than 20 years , in case of a sale there has to be a condition report about the structural absence of deficiencies submitted

Statics – Old buildings : from old buildings to Wilhelminian style palace

  • Feasibility studies

  • Engineering findings (in accordance with OIB-RL1) and associated masonry and floor reports (in cooperation with material testing laboratories)

  • Risk analysis/earthquake evidence  (according to ÖNorm B 1998-3, calculation according to the capacity method or push-over method / 3D calculation with FEM program 3muri / ingware)

  • Inventory statistics

  • Building/construction book according to §128a and §129 BO

Static – new buldings; single family home to residental complex

  • Constructive preliminary designs – our engineers create a design concept in coorporation with the client

  • Static preliminary measurements and calculations – are carried out as a part of the bulding permit procedure  according to OIB-RL 1

  • Expert opinion on minor construction projects acc. §63 (1) lit h BO

  • Construction and detailed planning of steel and wood structures

  • Formwork and reinforcement planning for solid structures


From draft to project!

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